Thursday, January 24, 2013

54th Congress, 2nd session, Senate Document 144, 13 Feb 1897.

I would like to upload the 13 pages from the Senate, 54th Congress, second session, Doc. # 144, 13Feb1897. It is a document rferring to the Catawba who had left the traditional lands of the Catawba. Please know they are numbered in order, but may not appear in the correct orer. I am having a terrible time getting them in order. I uploaded them in order, but they didn't stay that way. When I  try to get them in order, they get even more out than they were. help!


  1. Thank you Vance for this post. My great-great grandfather is #9 on the list (George Guy). His mother, Judith/Judy is #6 and her father Buckner is #1. I have gone through the list and the family tree and tried to find all the members listed here. Thank you again, Haila Harvey

  2. Can this be printed off or emailed?

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  4. I haven't tried to print it. The link to this page can be copied & pasted to an email or social media etc.

    1. Later I went through the entire document and transcribed it. That transcription can be found here --
      It took many hours to transcribe that entire article. If you use it all I say is it'd be nice if you'd add "transcribed by Vance Hawkins". You can blame me for all the typos. :)