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I have (today) created a sort of an outline of the topics I will be covering in the future, on this blog. If you would like to help with this research email me at
I work full time and that means M-F and occasionally Saturday as well. I will try to add one topic per week. It will take me a long time to get all of these things down, but this is the general road I will be going down. I will try to cover one topic per week, not necessarily in order.


1.      Dorsey’s
2.      North Carolina, Virginia Records and Missouri Records from the Smith’s
3.      Gist’s Station and Gist’s Station’s Camp, and the Revolutionary War
4.      Nathaniel Gist of South Kentucky and Ridenour’s “Land of the Lake”
5.      The Trial and Execution of Aaron Gist  and Jason Cloud (including Meigs record from James Vann, Doublehead’s moving away from Brown’s Ferry, and Jason Cloud’s connection with the Gist’s and Brown’s)
6.      Per DNA test results, Related Gist’s of North and Northwestern Alabama
7.      David Smith and James Havens
8.      Rachel Havens/Gist/Tolbert/McNutt/?Randolph?
9.      From Harriet to the Present
10.  Evidence of a connection to the Cherokee (and possibly to Sequoyah) or possibly the Catawba


1.      First Appearance about 1820 Lawrence County, Alabama
2.      1820, 1830, 1840 Census, 1847 Tax Records, 1850 Census,
3.      Brown Connection to Havens’, McNutt, Gist’s in N. Alabama
4.      Marriage of David Brown and Harriet Gist and removal to Arkansas
5.   John Brown and Hartwell Houston -- Connections between a Cherokee Freedman, the Joiner surname, John Brown, and my Brown's and Gist's.
5.      Evidence of a possible Connection to the Cherokee of the Reservation Rolls or to the Catawba


1.      Origins in Europe, migration to America,  Revolutionary War Service
2.      Connection to the Melungeon Gibson’s in Virginia and Arkansas
3.      Other evidence of a Possible Connection to the Catawba

1.      Cherokee North of the Ohio. Yes, there were a few Cherokee North of the Ohio in Dragging Canoe's day. But they returned to the Cherokee Nation by about 1795.
2.      Cherokee Migrations down the Tennessee River to Its Mouth near the boothill of Missouri
3.      Arkansas Chereokee
4.      Texas Cherokee
5.      Tall Tales – PART I– Kentucky Cherokee?? Christian Priber??
6.      Tall Tales – part II – Fake Tribes EVRERYWHERE – so be very, very careful!

1.      Melungeons -- There are many mixed race White/Blacks and there have been since the beginning. What separates the Melungeons from these groups is the fact that they also are in a small geographical area and also have an Indian component. There is NO Portuguese component, no Gypsy or any other off the wall component to the mix that can be proven. The White, Black, and Indian components CAN BE proven!
2.      Saponi, Monacan, Occoneechi, and other  State Recognized Tribes in North Carolina and Virginia.
3.      Lumbee of the Carolina’s (several parts not yet determined).
4.      Catawba -- this will include the "extinct" Western Catawba.
5.    Histories of other Eastern Siouan Bands that have since dissappeared.
6.    Many groups or families once thought to have been Cherokee have been proven to be Eastern Siouan, some of the Associated bands of the Catawba, These groups include the Carmel Indians of Ohio, the Buffalo Ridge Cherokee of Western Virginia, The Robeson Co. Cherokee, of North Carolina, the Sizemore family of the Southern Appalachians, and the Guy Jefferies families of Georgia.

1.    The Eastern Blackfoot Indians --Did they exist? If so, who were they? There are two theories on this. One that they are Eastern Siouan and another that they were Algonquin, specifically Nanticoke.
2.    Tribal Migrations. This is to help researchers not to be taken in by fake histories.
3.    Other things I haven't thought of today.

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